Tuesday, September 16, 2014


DC/Arlington are cities with a very healthy and active population. You would be hard pressed to find a store or restaurant on weekends that aren't full of active wear clad yuppies dressed in their Lululemon finest. Other active wear brands have taken notice and this fall have rolled out lots of workout/street wear hybrids. Anything from tops perfect for layering, comfy sweaters that would look great with jeans, to leggings you would happily wear to a casual brunch. 

My goal is to be more put together and conscious of what I am wearing even for days where I'm just running around. I'm a big fan of Athleta's new arrivals, and the price point is a little friendlier than Lulu (although if money weren't an object I'm sure I'd be covered in the stuff). Gone are the days where I feel good in a huge hoodie and cheap yoga pants. What are you go-to pieces or brands for  put together athletic wear? I'm always on the lookout for more!


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  1. I've been known to wear yoga clothes to brunch even when I'm not coming from a class... they're just too flattering!


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