Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fashion Week

Funny story: my boyfriend asked me why I wasn't going to Fashion Week after I received some event invites. I proceeded to burst out laughing. There are several reasons I am not going, the main one being $$$. However, I don't think Fashion Week is really my scene to be quite honest. Other than ready to wear, I don't have an appreciation for haute couture, don't love the idea of getting dressed to the nines for days at a time, and while I love the blogging community I cannot stand the blogger mean girls. 

I don't know if I will ever make it a point to attend Fashion Week, but if I were going this is what I would wear. Other than the bag, which yields me incapable of focusing on anything else, it's a pretty doable look for a variety of budgets, it's classic with an edgy twist, and the pieces are so so versatile. Below you can shop the post, and I added a few skirts with different price points along with blouse options. **If leather isn't your thing, or you don't like the price you can try this faux option.**


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