Tuesday, November 18, 2014

For the Fellas

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This gift guide, and person, is always the hardest to shop for in my opinion. Guys typically buy themselves whatever they are pining after, and there is only so many gift options before you go straight to clothes. It's tough, but that doesn't mean we can't rise to the occasion and give them something they'd actually want. 

 If you're trying to splurge on him or really spoil him, try a classic chronograph watch or digital camera with wifi. For the stylish or plain clueless man, a gift card to Trunk Club is an extra handy gift. For the guy on the go, a great weekend bag, functional backpack, and this funny pouch will send him off in style. Got a guy that likes to take of himself? Try these Jack Black products (a boyfriend favorite) and a shave kit from Harry's. Is he into things he can wear? Try a great team logo toboggan, novelty socks, great slippers, throwback kicks, or my personal favorite a tee commemorating a favorite childhood movie. If he's all about gadgets a portable speaker, charger, record player, or remote control helicopter are all sure to please. And yes all adult men love those freaking remote controlled helicopters.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Holiday Hosting Like A Boss

We always talk about throwing get togethers, but it seems the only ones I get around to are more impromptu ones a few days out. So if you decided to throw a last minute get together this holiday season, there's no need to worry just follow these three simple steps.

1. Make it festive. A little holiday music puts everyone in the mood to party (I'm partial to the Rat Pack but any of the old standards will do). Add a bit of greenery, some sparkle, and of course mistletoe and you're in business.

2. Pick your poison. Don't over think the booze. People are perfectly happy with beer and wine. Two reds, and two whites will please almost everyone. If you feel like getting fancy, opt for bubbles or look up a great bourbon punch recipe to serve to the bunch... one and done is very last minute friendly!

3. Provide crowd pleasers. Make your snacks universally appealing. Think cheese straws (a standard in the south), a well constructed cheese plate, and some holiday treats like peppermint bark or truffles.

Hopefully you're a little more inspired to host your own Christmas party this year, and have the tips and tricks to be one helluva hostess (take all the credit, they'll never know!).

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Little Lovelier 2014 Gift Guides

I'm very happy to announce I will be doing a series of gift guides this holiday season. Each guide will be targeted to a specific recipient or dollar amount. If you have any requests or questions please feel free to reach out! A great gift is something that you yourself would love or something the recipient would like but would have a hard time buying for themselves (hello pricey candles anyone?). Whatever the item, it's the thought that counts.

This gift guide is all about that beauty-obsessed person in your life (we all have one). I would love one of these satin pillowcases. It's great for helping prevent wrinkles and leaves your hair in great condition over night! As soon as December rolls around I switch to festive, glittery polish. What I love about this polish set is that it comes with a lovely neutral to wear year round or under the glitter. I struggled for a while before buying my Clarisonic, and I always run into people asking if they should take the plunge. A pricier, luxury item like a Clarisonic is the perfect gift for your budget-conscious gal pal. I'm not big into statement shirts, but boy do I love statement accessories. This pouch is hilarious and practical as a makeup bag. Make sure she is getting plenty of beauty sleep with this adorable eye mask, she'll love it I swear. You've heard me tout my love for this always sharp eyeliner, and this set of five is such a steal and the perfect stocking stuffer! Got a practical friend that would never dream of buying nice skincare? Run and pick up this little set from Fresh and she'll be in luxurious skincare heaven. These pretty glosses will give any lucky lady a pretty pout. Probably my favorite thing on the list, a gorgeous set of professional brushes is the ultimate gift for the girl that loves makeup. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Interior Lust: Lauren Conrad's Penthouse

I'm breaking away from style again today and going back to interiors and design. I intended to keep posting about interior design on a regular basis, and just didn't keep up with it... best laid plans am I right? So as I dive back into posting about pretty spaces, I had to share one of my style crushes home.

Lauren Conrad's Beverly Hills penthouse was featured on InStyle and did not disappoint! Her home was a very surprising departure from what you would expect from LC. Lauren gives off a very classic, feminine vibe and you would think her home would reflect that too. While you can definitely see her in the design, there was awesome unexpected juxtaposition of masculine and feminine elements with bright pops of color. For every bit of tufting, nail head trim, and brass, there was a very clean line or something in a glossy black that made it feel more modern. I'm going to shut up now and let the pictures speak for themselves.

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Lob

The moment my hair gets long enough, I want to cut it all off. The moment I cut it off, I wish I hadn't. Yes I know it's just hair and it grows, but mine grows so slowly that I can't imagine spending another four years getting it back to where it is now. BUT, and this is a huge but, I am in love with the long bob or "lob" that's really popular right now. I wear my hair straight and down almost everyday and this style lends itself beautifully to that type of styling. Below are some of my favorite lobs out there.

Jennifer Aniston has the best hair in the industry, the BEST! Short, long, wavy, and straight she is always perfectly and seemingly effortlessly coiffed. She's my lady crush for life.

Chopped and tousles, Gwyneth knows how to rock good hair.

Oh Charlize! Need we say more?

Ugh I love everything about this picture of Kim from Kensington Way. The cut and color are perfection, and I can't even get into her manicured brows and pretty pout. JEALOUS!

So what do you think about the lob? Maybe I'll grow a pair and go for it after the holidays. If any of you have recently taken the plunge let me hear about it!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

On My Radar

This week's "On My Radar" post is a little different since next week is my 29th birthday (how the eff did that even happen?). Honestly, I haven't put a ton of thought into what I would want, but if someone were to ask me any of the above lovely items would be just dandy.

I love the classic look to this trench style wool coat, I would have it forever. Two words: tortoise headphones. I would live in this comfy, dreamy, perfectly striped Calypso shirt. A classic bangle is high on my wishlist, and a clic clac is so the way to go. Amy Poehler would keep me in stitches, a great gift in itself. Yup I want long stemmed wine glasses so I can pretend to be Olivia Pope, so what. A drool-worthy tote is something you can never go wrong with. Pretty gilded coasters would be absolutely lovely on my coffee table, and would actually make me want to use a coaster. You don't even want to know what I would do for a Nespresso machine. I once had one in a hotel room and no joke had three espressos each morning... it was interesting. I'm so drawn to these pumps. I think the combination of leopard and gold makes them so sexy, and so not me but man do I love them.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This week, I'm loving five things in particular. I am OBSESSED with this tweed jacket. Ann Taylor has stepped up their game tremendously and there are so many items I wouldn't mind having in my closet. Elements of Style, the book, is a must read and one to add to your library and/or coffee table. You will love Erin's style, honestly, and stunning pictures. I am blessed with long lashes, but fall short in the volume category. This mascara has been doing a great job of giving me volume and is less than ten dollars. Many of us deal with that rough and bumpy skin known as "KP"or commonly referred to as "chicken skin." I have been using this cream for a week and I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. It's also great for super dry winter skin. Last but not least, holiday manis are right around the corner and this gold leaf top coat is a fun twist on the glitter polish we love.


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