Weekend + Links

Friday, September 12, 2014

You guys, I think I have an open weekend without ten million predetermined plans and I don't even know how to contain my excitement. I don't have much to say today so i'll let the links do the talking!

A hilarious illustrated answer to the "what's in your bag?" question/common blogger post.

Make working out more fun with some of these.

My three a salad...OM NOM NOM!

If you're guilt of constant self comparison and can only remember one thing, make it this.

I love these classic emerald cut stud earrings (my earrings of choice) for a timeless update.

A list of three ingredient cocktails to keep in your entertaining arsenal. Hello Moscow!

Have a great weekend friends, see you next week! xx

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Insta Love

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I don't even need to ask the question because I know everyone out there loves Instagram just as much if not more than me. It's by far my favorite social media platform (also the fastest growing if you care about that stuff).  I'm always finding new accounts to follow that will allow my scrolling and trolling to reach an almost unhealthy amount of time/level. So today I am sharing some of my favorite Instagram accounts.

Juley Le of @upperlyneco and Upperlyne, a life and style blog.

There's a few things I love about Juley's pictures. First she lives in New Orleans, a city that's near and dear to my heart and I never tire of reminiscing over my time spent there when I see those shots. Second, the girl can cook and likes food (just like yours truly). Last, but certainly not least I love how clean and sleek her pictures are. Juley's aesthetic is consistent and very eye catching. Trust me when I say you could get lost in the pictures.

Kelly Christine of @kellycstudio and Kelly Christine Studio, a graphic design studio and blog.

I adore the personality in this Texas girl's pictures. From cute snaps of her dog, a little food porn, to how she decorates her home (um HELLO leopard print and gold antler faux dear head), I always get excited to see a new picture from Kelly in my feed.

Caitlin McGauley of @caitlinmcgauley, artist/illustrator and blogger behind Caitlin's Sketchbook.

Caitlin is one of the first artists I followed on Instagram. She does great watercolor paintings and illustrations with a variety of subject matters that I find really appealing. Following her gives me a little glimpse into her work and life, and has lead to me following other artists on Instagram. Slowly but surely I'm developing a long awaited appreciation for art.

Jean Wang of @extrapetite and Extra Petite, a fashion and lifestyle blog.

This lady is the queen of tiny person style. As a mega petite myself, it can be hard to wear certain trends, fit into regular sizes, and not look like a child in our mom's clothes. Jean has a great eye for styling her petite frame and helping others find flattering pieces they would be happy to hang in their closet. For the record her style is fabulous regardless of size.

Aubrey Kinch of @aubreykinch and Aubrey Kinch, a design studio and lifestyle blog.

Aubrey is positively adorable. This young and very talented lady has a great eye and a knack for lighting. I love her vignette shots and she takes selfies that don't make me roll my eyes. While she does post great pictures, it's almost like you are scrolling through your besties pictures with the way she connects to her followers. I love her aesthetic so much that I am working with her on the new blog redesign. I couldn't be more excited to be working with the talented Mrs. Kinch!

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? I'm always on the lookout for new ones to add to the list!

The 5 Shoes You Need

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Interior Style Files: Herringbone

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Today's interiors post is all about herringbone detailing, mainly floors. If you spend any time on Pinterest, then I'm sure you see flooring and tile work in herringbone patterns everywhere. Now before you go rush to call it a trend, keep in mind that some of the earliest herringbone wood floors date back to the 16th century France. Herringbone is a pattern style of parquet flooring (parquet being hardwood flooring arranged in repeating geometrical patterns). So like pretty much everything else out there, it is a style resurrection that has found an updated and modern look. Herringbone adds such a bold statement to a room, and lends itself to classic and contemporary flooring. I personally love seeing it in bathrooms and in a great room or other room with higher ceilings. Herringbone is a great way to highlight and feature natural elements in the home.

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Theme For The Week

Monday, September 8, 2014

Today's post is brief as I just wanted to share a mantra I'll be adopting for the week especially the next few days. Should be interesting to say the least. Things I am attempting to tackle include but are not limited to: getting tons of work done at the old J-O-B, getting back on the workout horse, doing a healthy food shop, and an a apartment clean. Wish me luck, and have a kick ass Monday friends!

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Weekend + Links

Friday, September 5, 2014

Thank heavens this week flew by! I feel like I still need a rest from the bagillions of activities of last weekend (a nap due to a nap sort of thing that happens as we get older). I am looking forward to not doing a heck of a lot honestly. So in the spirit of sitting on your butt, kick back and check out these links!

FOUND: Design on a Dime. This great blog that sources "copy cat" items for your favorite high end furnishings and decor.

SIPPING: Cider. But not just any cider, a bourbon spiced cider to be exact. Cold or hot this sounds fantastic and can easily be made for a crowd.

BEING: Predictable. Excited for PSLs but in all honesty I don't make it to Starbucks very often at all. This at home skinny version is right up my alley.

CRAVING: Soup. Actually looking forward to soup and this chowder recipe looks comforting and delicious.

REMINISCING: Childhood favorites. It's the 20th Anniversary of The Little Rascals, and the cast reunited and took one amazing picture.

SHOCKING: White Girls + Fall. Hilarious list of what you can expect, shocking because I don't do most of the annoying activities on the list.

Have a great weekend! xx

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You Need This: Rack It Up

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Today I wanted to share my new favorite sale shopping tool, Rack It Up. I'll be honest I'm not a great bargain shopper. I almost never keep tabs and monitor items so see if prices have dropped, and don't check my promo folder for sale alerts in Gmail either. So unless I stumble across something online, chances are I miss the sale or that coat I dreamed took its half priced self to live with someone else. In short, I miss out on sales and deals ALL THE FREAKING TIME!

Enter Rack It Up to save the day. This amazing site allows you to grab items from your favorite stores online and organizes them in your "closet." Simply install the RackItUp button to your browser and click on it when you find an item you like (from their extensive list of retailers). When you add items to your closet, you can add qualifiers to the item such as size, color, but most importantly when the item goes on sale or when it is discounted by a certain dollar or percentage amount. Once you add the item, you sit back and wait for Rack It Up to send you emails when the items you've selected go on sale. How is easy is that?!?

Rack It Up also allows you to follow your friends or other stylish members so there's always new pieces to add to your closet! Gone are the days of missing out on a fresh mark down on those boots you've been obsessing over. Another great thing to note is that it's not just for clothes and accessories, but things for your home like decor and furniture too! Rack It Up takes the work out of sale scouring and frees up more of your time so you can do more of the things you actually like doing. Search for me, Ali Bentolila in the members tab and follow along so we can score some great deals together!

I was not paid or compensated by Rack It Up for this post, I just like the concept and site that much!