Friday, May 30, 2014


Happy Friday friends! I adore this picture. Really what could be better than wind in your hair, being on the water, and having wine with friends? The answer is not much. Thankfully it's been a short week and we finally get to start our weekend. So lets get to the links!

By now, it's no secret that I like rosé. This guide breaks down the pink drink into four categories for every occasion. 

Summer in a bowl? You got it. This recipe looks so delicious!

I know I'm late to game with this one, but a yoga mat that looks like that would surely make me practice more.

I have seen fruit pizzas on Pinterest many times before, but just tried one at a friend's house the other day. Seriously is was awesome and such a fun alternative to typical desserts. Try it out!

The sad passing of Maya Angelou has caused a resurgence of many of her powerful words. I particularly like this quote.

Charcoal facial products are popping up EVERYWHERE! I like the idea of all-natural products, but I need them to be effective. I have heard really good things about Shamanuti's cleanser which would make the price tag a little more bearable. 

 I saw a great movie last night called Chef. It was such a great entertaining movie combining a few of my passions that really spoke to me. You don't need to even like cooking to enjoy this movie! I highly recommend.

Have an amazing weekend! xx

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fit Day

Eat // Shrimp with Lemon en Papillote. A fresh healthy way to cook seafood that packs a lot of flavor. 
         Try this method with fish too!

Sip // Strawberry Mango Smoothie. This smoothie takes advantage of seasonal ingredients, but adds a
         nutritional boost with chia seeds and coconut water.

Wear // Athleta's Chi Mesh Tank. A top that is functional in all the best ways and it meant to layer well!

Do // Kate Hudson's Favorite Pilates Moves. Kate has a sick bod, and she's sharing the moves she 
        loves to keep her cut.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

On My Radar

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

This week's On My Radar is all about some of my new favorites. 1.) I have been a bareMinerals loyalist for eight years now, and was skeptical to try a liquid foundation but the bareSkin serum foundation is awesome even for oily skinned gals like me. 2.) The bareMinerals face perfecting brush makes all the difference in the world when applying bareSkin. Just two drops gives me light even coverage. 3.) OPI Cajun Shrimp is an oldie, but certainly a goody. This is the perfect summer shade of coral that compliments even the palest skin (yours truly is at full Casper status). 4.) Elements of Style is the first book from one of my favorite bloggers Erin Gates, and is available for pre-order now. Her blog Elements of Style is not only a daily must read, but she has mastered the perfect content mix of design, fashion, life, and everything in between. 5.) I love love love turquoise for summer, and this bib necklace gets it so right. 6.) For the first time in my life my eyes and the vicinity are looking tired and dark. Origins GinZing refreshing eye cream gives under-eyes a much needed boost of caffeine (I apply all over eye lids too for a boost). 

Friday, May 23, 2014

TGIF and hooray for long weekends! We have a relaxing weekend lined up of pool time, visitng friends, baseball, and enjoying the outdoors. But let's not forget what this weekend also symbolizes: the return of white denim! I'll admit I have been wearing it for a few weeks and really I don't care, but for those that are old school you can now officially rock them. Let's get into some links.

J. Crew is having 25% off so you know, go get you some.

Hello super cute one piece! It's very 60s Beach Shag movie-esque!

I love love love these cropped boy jeans. One in every wash, please.

Mornings have not been my favorite lately. I still wake up early-ish, but it's getting rough. These energizing stretches need to get in my life ASAP!

Style Me Pretty rounded up some to die for gray kitchens, they're positively drool-worthy.

To splurge or to save? That is the question. Lauren Conrad's team rounded up their must have beauty splurges, and whatever LC says is basically my religion. Good bye paycheck.

My butt has zero motivation currently, so I'm looking for workouts that pack a punch! Try this upper body kettle bell circuit sure to shred that body in no time!

Summer equates to grilling, fresh produce, and to me some awesome home cooked Mexican food. These Cabo steak tacos with grilled pineapple salsa sound amazing.

Yes, yes, yes, times infinity to this!

So this scares me, but also intrigues me. Raspberry Serrano Sangria, ay carumba!

Have the best weekend! xx 

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Thursday, May 22, 2014


Eat //   Grilled Peaches with Rosemary and Balsamic Vinegar. If you have never grilled fresh peaches 
           you are missing out! The sugars caramelize and the flavor elevates immensely. A little fresh 
           rosemary and depth from the balsamic and you have one heck of summer dish.

Sip //   Watermelon Juice. Watermelon is naturally made up of 91% water which makes this one of the
           most hydrating fruits out there. This recipe pairs the melon with fresh lime for a welcome 
           change to plain old water.

Wear // Under Armour All-In-One Capri. These capris mean business. The 4-way stretch, slimming 
            panels, anti-microbial, moisture-wicking material make these an activewear game changer. If
            you have bought UA products before then you know the quality is top notch.

Do //    Eleven Yoga Poses to De-Stress. Yoga is one of the best and healthiest practices out there for
           stress management. Since everyone and their mother is stressed to kill on a daily basis, take the
           time to wind down and center yourself with some therapeutic poses. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On My Radar

basket // wine flask // stemless sippy cup 

It's that time of year where concerts and dining al fresco are the norm. I love all the outdoor activities we have in DC, and what better way than to enjoy them with a fabulous picnic? A classic basket with accessories will hold all your snacks and treats. Some locations don't allow glass so bring your favorite vino in a wine flask to skirt the rules. If you want to be extra fancy, try these stemless glass sippy cups for a playful container for your beverage. What are your picnic basket go tos? Cheers!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Update

I hate to be one of those people, but I had the most amazing weekend ever! It was our two year anniversary and headed down to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for a long weekend. I haven't been since I was a kid, but now I cannot imagine a more perfect place for beach trips. We had the most wonderful guest house rental (thank you Air BnB, totally out of our comfort zone but it was amazing), gorgeous days on the drive on beach, fabulous food, and the best company.

Taking the new Jeep out for a spin on the drive on beach. Seriously there is nothing better than this.

Enjoying the first summer shandy of the season while driving around looking at beach houses.

There are tons of these gorgeous wild horses that live in the dunes on Corolla/Corova Beach. The scenery was stunning!

We had our anniversary dinner at this great spot called the Blue Point. They were so wonderful when they found out the occasion they brought us champagne and escorted us outside to take in the sunset. Fabulous service and excellent food, I really cannot say enough good things about this place.

Seriously, this place is magnificent. Note I did not use a filter, this is just a basic iPhone shot. The sunset over the sound was breathtaking. I cannot remember enjoying a location this much.

And there you have it. This trip was so memorable and special that I'm already trying to find a time to get back there and do it all over again. If you get the chance, take a trip to the Outer Banks and enjoy the beach the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


This week's ESWD is all about summer. With shorts and swimsuits just around the corner, it's time to get my butt in gear. 

Eat: Strawberry Paleo ice cream will be the perfect guilt-free treat for hot summer days. No deprivation,        no excuses.

Sip: Dr. Oz's swimsuit slimdown drink will get your insides ready to burn that extra fat.

Wear: Lululemon's Club dress is made for some quality court time, but honestly is so cute why 
          wouldn't you want to throw it on for a day of running around?

Do: There's no denying that short weather is in full force. Tone up those babies with thigh thinning

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On My Radar

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Sorry for my brief blog hiatus. I was traveling for work and unfortunately my hotel wifi was not working. I really do need to get an editorial schedule together so I can work on batches of posts at a time, but sometimes I blog when the ideas hit. So for now sorry and thanks for putting up with me!

Summer means pools, beaches, and for a super pale girl like me coverups. Just because I need sun protection, doesn't mean I can't do it in style. From classic to boho to just a pair of shorts, this roundup will keep you chic and protected.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

On My Radar

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

Summer ultimately means less. Less makeup, less accessories, and frankly less clothing. I'm on the lookout for the perfect white tee, comfy shorts, day to night wedges, and a "wow" maxi. What are your summer essentials?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Motivation Monday: Enjoying the Little Things

Mondays seem to be a day where negatives appear magnified. We're sad the weekend is over, dread having to get back to the grind, and can just be overwhelmed by our Monday-Friday lives. What I have challenged myself to do, and I encourage you to do as well, is take the time to enjoy the little things. No matter how insignificant you think those things are, that little burst of positivity can do big things!

For me, stopping to enjoy the little things is often something as simple as enjoying my favorite snack. As someone on a diet, finding that perfect treat that really fills a craving is such a victory. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but if a "salt tooth" exists I surely have one. Popchips are salty, airy, delicious little chips that back the best flavor/crunch combo around. These tasty chips are literally popped to perfection without the greasy feel of traditional fried chips and better tasting than baked varieties.

Popchips are more than just the perfect snack. They are great for entertaining, tailgates, and the perfect addition to lunch. One thing I love about Popchips so much is the generous serving size. Having my cake and eating it too, of course I'm on board with that! And now Popchips has made their packages 15% bigger so there's more to love (and share if you are so inclined)! A satisfying snack that I can actually feel good about eating, well that's a wonderful little love story if you ask me.

Appreciating the simplicity of a delicious, satisfying snack can change even the worst of moods. Enter your Popchips love story to win the more to love sweepstakes, which ends on 5/31. Everyone who participates will receive a $.55 off coupon and a chance win a date night package ($500 & 3 cases of Popchips)

This post was sponsored by Popchips, but my love for these tasty snack is all my own.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gift Guide Vol. 1

cookbook // watch // perfume // wrap
skincare set // blowout cards // chocolate
votives // fitbit // bookends

I figured I would try my hand at the blogger-loved gift guide. I always find the best gifts are things you wouldn't necessarily by for yourself, but would still love to have. I also stay away from cosmetics or jewelry unless I really know that person's likes and style (a classic watch though is for sure the exception). 

I'd love to know your gift ideas or go tos when it comes to gift giving. I'm always looking for new suggestions!

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