Friday, September 5, 2014

Weekend + Links

Thank heavens this week flew by! I feel like I still need a rest from the bagillions of activities of last weekend (a nap due to a nap sort of thing that happens as we get older). I am looking forward to not doing a heck of a lot honestly. So in the spirit of sitting on your butt, kick back and check out these links!

FOUND: Design on a Dime. This great blog that sources "copy cat" items for your favorite high end furnishings and decor.

SIPPING: Cider. But not just any cider, a bourbon spiced cider to be exact. Cold or hot this sounds fantastic and can easily be made for a crowd.

BEING: Predictable. Excited for PSLs but in all honesty I don't make it to Starbucks very often at all. This at home skinny version is right up my alley.

CRAVING: Soup. Actually looking forward to soup and this chowder recipe looks comforting and delicious.

REMINISCING: Childhood favorites. It's the 20th Anniversary of The Little Rascals, and the cast reunited and took one amazing picture.

SHOCKING: White Girls + Fall. Hilarious list of what you can expect, shocking because I don't do most of the annoying activities on the list.

Have a great weekend! xx

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