Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fashionably Fit

Fashionably Fit

bkr bottle // tank // long sleeved top // yoga mat // yoga towel
headband // sneakers // fit bit bracelets // capris

Sometimes you need a little motivational boost to keep you on a track. Just like when you buy a great new pair of shoes or cute top, if you buy activewear you love you're bound to find a reason to wear it. Maybe it's new running shoes, or a gorgeous yoga mat that really gets you amped to workout. Whatever it is, find what works for you! I think my favorite item up there is the "Party on Wayne" tank (one of my favorite movies).


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Put Your Face on

I wish I could tell you I was one of those people that could throw on tinted  moisturizer, a swipe of mascara, some chapstick, and I would be good to go. Unfortunately, I have complicated skin that doesn't cooperate, lashes that lack volume, and the most "meh" set of lips ever. Seems like a lot of products to give me my everyday hardly any makeup look, but these are tried and true favorites that give me the "she isn't trying too hard" look.

I start with a shine controlling primer and cover dark circles if I have any. Then it's foundation (either powder or serum depending on a few factors), bronzer, and finishing powder. None of the face products are heavy so I don't even feel the makeup on my face. Then I layer on two different mascaras (2-3 coats depending on my time), swipe on a bone colored shadow to give my eyes an instantly awake look, line my lids, and finally curl those lashes. If it's not too hot out I will put on some peachy cream blush and finish the look off with a pink tinted balm. 

It seems like a lot, but once you have the hang of it you can get your makeup down in a matter of minutes. Having oily skin dictates that I assess my skin before application. I may need more or less, or to use a different foundation. C'est la vie. So what are your everyday products? Are you one of the lucky ones that wakes up looking good to go? If so I hate you. Just kidding, sort of.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Get to know

If you follow bloggers on Instagram then I'm sure you have come across people tagging, talking about, and using This is pretty funny, but until I became part of the rewardStyle network I didn't quite grasp the concept or power of this amazing service. In a nut shell, is a way to shop your favorite Instagrams.

Gone are the days of seeing those killer "outfit of the day" posts and wondering where they got a certain item, or begging for product info in the comments section. has simplified and streamlined the process of getting all the information you need. Simply sign up for, like a photo on Instagram with a link, then receive ready to shop product links right in your inbox.

If you haven't signed up yet now is the perfect time to do so (you know to get a jump start on some amazing fall outfits!). So like away, and happy shopping!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekend + Links

I am obsessed with this home's front entry. The columns, moulding, dentil work, the 
contrasting door,and the topiaries are all perfection! Find the original here.

This week flew by in rare fashion, but I am certainly not going to knock it! We havea busy weekend ahead of us so trying to take it easy tonight before the madness begins. Let's get to those links!

If you're an Orange is the New Black fan, then you have to read this piece written by the real Larry on what actually happened vs. what you see on the show. Well written, and very entertaining.

My blogger pal Julia had a genius idea of hosting a blind wine tasting party that looked like such a good time. You can read about it here to find out how to throw one of your own!

If you work out at home or are a fan of the barre craze, try this Isometric Workout. The nature of this workout is based on holding exercises and is virtually silent!

Are you a loyal member of the Clarisonic cult? If so, you NEED to read this! Not only is it a natural disinfectant for your Clarisonic and brush head, but it has a money saving tip from a Clarisonic sales person from Neiman Marcus!

I'm sort of embarrassed to admit this, but I am scared of wearing bright lipstick. Which totally sucks because I adore the look of it. Luckily, this new liquified lipstick, gloss, stain combo was made for scaredy cats like me!

Three words: Tweed Moto Jacket. That is all.

This is my my favorite cocktail of all time. It can be hard to get at some bars, oh but man when yo can get one it's summer in a cup (I drink them year round though because I'm a rebel like that).

As per usual I am searching for my next Gone Girl. This has been said to be the European version of it.

There's still time to check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! You can also shop my picks here.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happiness Project

So this week's "On My Radar" is a little different. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what makes me happy. Most things are really simple, not complicated, and things I can often surround myself with. I think a lot of us, myself included, can easily get caught up in the negative. Whether it's negative self talk (I'm the WORST at this), complaining, and even gossiping. All of it is a major buzzkill and just toxic. So I wanted to share with you what makes me happy and by compiling this list, it gave me a chance to really think about just that.

Books and magazines. I love magazines so much, especially ones with unique content and gorgeous photography. It is hard to find books that immediately grab me, but when I do there is nothing better than getting completely wrapped up in it so much so that you cannot put the thing down. An insane cup of coffee. Sure I thought I wanted a Keurig like everyone else, but honestly the coffee isn't great. We bought a french press and take the extra time to brew ridiculous coffee on the weekends and it makes all the difference in the world. Finding pastimes you love. I have to credit my boyfriend to these two activities, but he has given me a love of playing darts and listening to records. I could do both for hours and it brings such joy and a I feel so relaxed while doing both.

This should come as no surprise but I have happily traded crazy nights out at packed bars for lower key nights in with friends. I absolutely love grilling and having cookouts, but it can be as easy as ordering pizza and hanging out that makes the best nights. Memory triggers. What I mean by that are things that bring me back to good times, places and people. I have an Archipelago candle that was made to smell like Charleston. I have had such good memories there, and each time I light it that good feeling comes right on back. I just started keeping a gratitude journal. Each day I write down the things that made me happy, the things I am grateful for, and the high of the day. The act of writing it all down really shifts perspective for me. Also, on crummy days I have something I can look back at to remind me that life really is good.

Last, but certainly not least, I think this is an age thing but boy do I appreciate a really really good cocktail. Not with crappy rail spirits, but with ones I like and can appreciate. The last time we "bar hopped" was only to places that handcraft insane cocktails. We weren't drinking to get drunk, but rather appreciating the delicious drinks. I also keep my favorite vodka at home and indulge in a real bay breeze from time to time (who knew that actual real juice and good vodka could taste so amazing?). Really it always comes back to the little things.

So there you have it, just a few things that make me really happy. I would love to know what makes you happy and how you stay positive. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer School

Last week I attended my first rewardStyle event. The team at rewardStyle is traveling across the country visiting major cities to educate bloggers in their Summer School series. I'll be the first to admit I was SO nervous going into the event. I am a newish blogger and small potatoes in the blogging world, and I knew I would be among some really well known big deal bloggers (many that I myself follow). Also I am very new to rewardStyle, like just a few weeks into it kind of new. The prospect of a three hour "How To Be a Better Blogger" session was really exciting and nerve-racking, but I am so glad I went.

some amazing swag bags we got courtesy of rewardStyle, Kendra Scott, & Vim + Vigor, and a GlamRocks preview

I learned so much about rewardStyle, social media, how to be more consistent across my platforms, and how to bring my readers better content. I left with pages full of notes and feeling really invigorated and reinvested in my blog. The ladies of rewardStyle were really welcoming, knowledgeable, and so enthusiastic you can tell they really enjoy what they do.

Another perk of Summer School was a presentation by Kendra Scott's team and a preview of their very newly launched GlamRocks line. This collection is dripping with what I can only describe as "edgey sparkle." The drusy pieces are to die for and I have my eye on the "Ella Ring." If you aren't familiar with Kendra Scott jewelry you HAVE to check it out! The pieces have that expensive luxe look, while being affordable. I also love their Color Bar where you can choose various jewelry pieces in tons of great colors that work for you.

two of my favorite pieces from the new GlamRocks line the Ella ring and Ellie studs

I had an amazing time at summer school and really look forward to future events like this!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Finalizing My Skincare Routine

serum c/o

Taking care of my skin isn't something I have been great at in the past. I have really been focusing on taking care of it from the inside out since thirty is not so far away. At this stage in the game it has been really important for me to consider what I'm putting on my skin, and what preventative measures I'm taking. Given all that information, you can imagine how excited I was when I was given the chance to try and review Radical Skincare's Advanced Peptide Antioxidant Serum. Now if you have read my blog, you may know that I have loved the other two Radical Skincare products I've tried (read about them here) and have put them into my regimen.

I received the product in May, and have wanted to wait until now to give my honest review after using the product for a while. I am happy to report that just as I assumed I would be, I am thrilled with this product. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin, and this serum did not agitate it in the least bit. A serum for all skin types seems too good to be true, but it's just that. In the past two months I have noticed my skin tone has evened out (bye bye blotchy patches), skin firmness around jaw and chin has improved, the few wrinkles I have are less defined and have filled out some, and my skin has never felt softer. Typically, a product with such potency contains all sorts of scary ingredients. Not so with Radical Skincare. This serum is free of parabens, sufates, phthalates, but packed full of antioxidants and free radical fighting ingredients.

Truthfully, I cannot say enough good things about the Advanced Peptide Antioxidant Serum. It is a such a great way to revitalize your skin and combat prematuring aging. I have enjoyed using Radical Skincare's products, and loved reaping the many benefits they've provided. You can purchase Radical Skincare's products in their online shop, or at Sephora.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Radical Skincare for sponsoring this post and allowing me to try and review their great products. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Drop Everything


This year's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is so so so good! So far I have bought a Clarisonic for the boyfriend (he's a believer) and a pair of leopard pumps that are already sold out! Thins have been going fast online, so if you see something you like you better hop to it! The makeup exclusives and athletic wear are total steals! While boots and accessories are seriously marked down. Round it all up with the most perfect go with anything Michele watch and a leather moto jacket and you are on your way to one helluva closet!

Has anyone done any shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yet? Would love to you what you have scooped up!


Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hi friends. I am sorry I have been pretty absent this week. I am having a personal issue right now that I am not feeling like sharing, but it's taking everything out of me right now. So I need to focus on that, and not put up crappy or uber emotional posts that I will regret later on. Thanks for understanding while I take a little time off for myself.

On a happy note, tonight I am attending rewardStyle's DC School Night and I am pretty excited about it. This is an educational event that I'm really looking forward to, not to mention meeting more local bloggers is something I am really trying to do. I cannot wait to experience my first event with rewardStyle!

By the way did you know "namaste" means "I bow to the divine in you"? I'm not feeling so divine, but hopefully I can get that back soon!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Loving Lately: Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered headboards are nothing new in the world of interior design, but I think the novelty behind them recently is the influx of DIY versions. Sure I have pinned tutorials on doing it, but the mechanics of actually taking on this project were always a little too much for me. I then decided I would hold out, save up and by the frame or headboard of my dreams. Enter reality. I have been looking for two years and the only one I am in love with is $2,000 from Restoration Hardware. I seriously entertained the idea for a while, but then as per usual I think of everything else I can do with 2k and am at peace with the concept of HELL NO!

I live in an apartment, albeit a nice one with lots of space, but it's not my forever home or even my starter home. I cringe at the idea of having huge furniture that fills my spacious apartment, only to move it in to my first house with small rooms that are dwarfed by immense pieces. It looks absurd, trust me. So now the idea of a DIY headboard with a price tag peaking at $150 is becoming very attractive to me. Even more attractive is that my boyfriend is now behind the idea too. He gets to work on a project and be a guy, and I get the exact headboard I want. Win win!

There are so many tutorials out there, and I haven't narrowed down the exact one we are going to use. So while I figure that part out, I pulled together some of the headboard inspiration that I really like. Obviously I want a neutral, probably nail head trim, and I haven't decided on tufting or not yet. If any of you have done a DIY headboard or have any pointers I would LOVE to hear them!


all images via Pinterest

Friday, July 11, 2014

Weekend + Links

Happy Friday! I am so excited for a weekend sans plans (my how the times have changed!). Let's get into some links!

This shirt perfectly captures my mentality (for real).

Ever wanted to try barre, or wanted to do it on the go/at home? Try this full 55-minute barre workout on youtube, all you need is a chair, a mat, and very light hand weights!

While we're on the subject of fitness, try this evening ab circuit that was designed to be done in front of the tv! Now you can do something productive while frying your brain cells with reality tv.

BaubleBar has been KILLING IT lately, and I'm especially loving their natural stone jewelry lately. This necklace (in clear) would be the perfect additional to any look, or would make a perfect layering piece!

Ever wanted to try GlamGlow mud mask, but found the price tag a little off-putting? Have no fear this DIY version is a lot cheaper and yields a high quantity for the price!

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for sangria, but this rose´version has me that much more excited.

You guys, I'm the worst when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes. I am actually too embarassed to say the last time I cleaned them was. Elizabeth Dehn shares her quick, easy, and all-natural tips to clean those nasty, germy brushes.

I cannot wait to try these shrimp scampi skewers! Eaten alone, atop of a big salad, or even for entertaining these look like major crowd pleasers.

Have an awesome weekend, especially my Southern Blog Society friends at this year's conference! Wish I could be in Atlanta with you! xx

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

On My Radar

wrap cardigan // leggings // folding flats // headphones // tee // rollerball // lip balm
eye cream // hand cream // 3-in-1 wipes // iPad mini // filter bottle // tide pen // kind bars // altoids

Traveling for work has made me a great, patient, efficient traveler/packer. I find the formula for a successful long flight is a few things on your person that will keep you as calm and happy as possible. Attire should be kept simple, comfortable and functional. Leggings or very comfortable pants, a basic tee, and a drapey cardigan that can double as a blanket will keep you very happy. If you tend to wear sandals or other shoes not great for airplanes, invest in a pair of foldable flats to keep your feet warm and less restricted (I cannot stand the idea of being in socks on a plane, sorry).

Get yourself some headphones that feel good either on or in your ears, you'll probably be wearing them a ton. On that note, make sure you bring ample entertainment like books, movies, magazines, etc. I like having my iPad with me so I only have to carry one semi heavy item rather than a bunch. While I tend to pack important cosmetics in my carry on bag, I keep hand cream, good lip balm, and depuffing eye cream with me to keep me looking the least haggard possible. Keeping some makeup/cleansing wipes is an easy way clean up without having to go to the bathroom. I tend to buy snacks at the airport or eat there, but stow some bars and mints in your bag when you need something to chew on. Last but certainly not least, carry a Tide pen. I spill all the time, and even if you don't the person next to you may.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bootcamp for Your Hair

There are so many pros to summer. The weather, the activities, and of course the beach! But the drastic climate change and environmental stressors can wreak havoc on your mane if you aren't helpful. I was blessed with lovely limp, fine, mousey hair that I put through a literal gauntlet of coloring and various heated styling tools. To be frank, my hair has ever right to hate me especially when I add sun, chlorine, and humidity to the mix.

Recently, I was given the chance to try and review some amazing products from my primping spot Drybar. Now you should know that I am not just pimping stuff on the internets. I actually use Drybar products on a daily basis, and have been doing so for over a year now. I'm a believer, I drank the Kool-Aid, and I'm never going back. Back to the newbies. Because of the hell I put my hair through, I HAVE to use a hair mask weekly. I've tried several out there (even the bagillion dollar kind) and this Mudslide nourshing mask left me with healthy, silky feeling hair. I am truly smitten. 

I am constantly looking for the best shampoo/conditioner combo and it's a never ending process that usually comes up short. Enter Sweet Tea volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I need all the help I can get when it comes to volume and these lovely concoctions give me that little extra lift I so desperately desire (and they smell great too!). If you have fine hair, I cannot say enough good things about this combo! It's all fun and games while washing your hair, until you get to brushing/detangling your hot mess mane. For that extra little push my hair needs, Gold Mine leave in conditioner saved the day. My ends didn't look so fried, and the shimmer gave this bottle blonde some extra shine. 

Like I said, I love Drybar products. Detox dry shampoo and Money Maker hairspray have changed my life (no I am not exaggerating I get so much more time back each week since I now don't have to wash my hair everyday and my style stairs with zero crunch factor thanks to magic hairspray). Try them out and let me know how you like them. I would be pretty surprised to find someone who didn't love these great hair products!

Thank you to BrandLink DC and Drybar for sponsoring this post. Products pictured are c/o, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that make A Little Lovelier possible.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy 4th!

The streets and the internet are literal ghost towns for the holiday weekend. Two different sets of plans fell through so looks like we may be doing a laid back day at the pool and/or finding a BBQ to crash!

So to all of you that have super fun plans, I am very happy for you. For the rest of us, do something very American and shop some sales!

Shopbop is having 20-60 % off select styles.

J.Crew 40% off final sale items.

Piperlime 20% off for 20 hours!

Nordstrom is having a great sale right now, just a teaser before the anniversary sale!

Have an amazing weekend!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


sweatshirt // dry brush // lip scrub // oil // scalp facial // serum // tea

Today's round up is all about taking care of yourself inside and out. This cozy sweatshirt lets you take your "me" time in comfort and style (perfect for times lounging around wtih a good book!). Have you heard of dry brushing? If not google it immediately! It's so great for circulation, cellulite, and the lymphatic system plus encourages skin cell renewal while exfoliating. Speaking of exfoliating, get that pucker ready with the perfect lip scrub with invigorating peppermint. Mood and senses are closely related, not to mention that smells trigger memories very intensely. Keep your thoughts light with this home fragrance oil with scents of the English coast. The beachy, salty scent is sure to remind you of happy times at the beach. 

Dry shampoo has changed my life, but it also has done not so amazing things to my scalp. Even though I use a clarifying shampoo weekly, there is still product buildup. Enter this scalp treatment with it's built in brush to massage in the product and help lift away residue. Let your best face shine through with a retuxturizing and radiance boosting serum. This one not only improves skin's texture and tone, but packs a serious punch of anti-oxidants and red seaweed to help relax fine lines and protect against environmental stressors. The benefits of green tea are numerous, but this one can also chock up great taste to the list. The blueberry flavor is subtle and delicious making green tea a happy part of my routine.

What do you do or  use to keep yourself looking good on the inside and out? I'd love to know!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Loving Lately: Reading Nooks

There's nothing like curling up in a big comfy chair with a good book or magazine. Add a few great pillows, a cozy throw, and a place to kick up your feet and you've got your favorite little spot in your home. I adore the concept of a cozy space just for relaxation and entertainment. It can be as simple as a chair with an ottoman and floor lamp, or as intricate as a chaise with coordinating accessories. For my reading nook I would use an area rug to set apart the space, an overstuffed chaise, two throw pillows, a light but warm throw, small end table, and table lamp.


Can you tell I like neutrals? I find them peaceful, but pops of color would be great too.

This is the most perfect reading/nap nook I could ever dream up. I love the big windows, the fluffy chaise lounge chairs (I'm a sucker for a chaise and have been since I was little... who dreams of that kind of stuff at the age of 5?), and that it's a separate space. Can't you just imagine curling up here with a stack of magazines and a glass of wine?

Good God do I need wood floors in my life so bad. Con of rental apartments: crap rental apartment carpet EVERYWHERE!

This nook is so adorable, but not the most accessible since it's built in. I would've killed for a spot like this when I was a kid. 

all images via Pinterest


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