Thursday, September 4, 2014

You Need This: Rack It Up

Today I wanted to share my new favorite sale shopping tool, Rack It Up. I'll be honest I'm not a great bargain shopper. I almost never keep tabs and monitor items so see if prices have dropped, and don't check my promo folder for sale alerts in Gmail either. So unless I stumble across something online, chances are I miss the sale or that coat I dreamed took its half priced self to live with someone else. In short, I miss out on sales and deals ALL THE FREAKING TIME!

Enter Rack It Up to save the day. This amazing site allows you to grab items from your favorite stores online and organizes them in your "closet." Simply install the RackItUp button to your browser and click on it when you find an item you like (from their extensive list of retailers). When you add items to your closet, you can add qualifiers to the item such as size, color, but most importantly when the item goes on sale or when it is discounted by a certain dollar or percentage amount. Once you add the item, you sit back and wait for Rack It Up to send you emails when the items you've selected go on sale. How is easy is that?!?

Rack It Up also allows you to follow your friends or other stylish members so there's always new pieces to add to your closet! Gone are the days of missing out on a fresh mark down on those boots you've been obsessing over. Another great thing to note is that it's not just for clothes and accessories, but things for your home like decor and furniture too! Rack It Up takes the work out of sale scouring and frees up more of your time so you can do more of the things you actually like doing. Search for me, Ali Bentolila in the members tab and follow along so we can score some great deals together!

I was not paid or compensated by Rack It Up for this post, I just like the concept and site that much!

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