Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Interior Style Files: Herringbone

Today's interiors post is all about herringbone detailing, mainly floors. If you spend any time on Pinterest, then I'm sure you see flooring and tile work in herringbone patterns everywhere. Now before you go rush to call it a trend, keep in mind that some of the earliest herringbone wood floors date back to the 16th century France. Herringbone is a pattern style of parquet flooring (parquet being hardwood flooring arranged in repeating geometrical patterns). So like pretty much everything else out there, it is a style resurrection that has found an updated and modern look. Herringbone adds such a bold statement to a room, and lends itself to classic and contemporary flooring. I personally love seeing it in bathrooms and in a great room or other room with higher ceilings. Herringbone is a great way to highlight and feature natural elements in the home.

all images via Pinterest

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