Wednesday, July 9, 2014

On My Radar

wrap cardigan // leggings // folding flats // headphones // tee // rollerball // lip balm
eye cream // hand cream // 3-in-1 wipes // iPad mini // filter bottle // tide pen // kind bars // altoids

Traveling for work has made me a great, patient, efficient traveler/packer. I find the formula for a successful long flight is a few things on your person that will keep you as calm and happy as possible. Attire should be kept simple, comfortable and functional. Leggings or very comfortable pants, a basic tee, and a drapey cardigan that can double as a blanket will keep you very happy. If you tend to wear sandals or other shoes not great for airplanes, invest in a pair of foldable flats to keep your feet warm and less restricted (I cannot stand the idea of being in socks on a plane, sorry).

Get yourself some headphones that feel good either on or in your ears, you'll probably be wearing them a ton. On that note, make sure you bring ample entertainment like books, movies, magazines, etc. I like having my iPad with me so I only have to carry one semi heavy item rather than a bunch. While I tend to pack important cosmetics in my carry on bag, I keep hand cream, good lip balm, and depuffing eye cream with me to keep me looking the least haggard possible. Keeping some makeup/cleansing wipes is an easy way clean up without having to go to the bathroom. I tend to buy snacks at the airport or eat there, but stow some bars and mints in your bag when you need something to chew on. Last but certainly not least, carry a Tide pen. I spill all the time, and even if you don't the person next to you may.

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