Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Loving Lately: Reading Nooks

There's nothing like curling up in a big comfy chair with a good book or magazine. Add a few great pillows, a cozy throw, and a place to kick up your feet and you've got your favorite little spot in your home. I adore the concept of a cozy space just for relaxation and entertainment. It can be as simple as a chair with an ottoman and floor lamp, or as intricate as a chaise with coordinating accessories. For my reading nook I would use an area rug to set apart the space, an overstuffed chaise, two throw pillows, a light but warm throw, small end table, and table lamp.


Can you tell I like neutrals? I find them peaceful, but pops of color would be great too.

This is the most perfect reading/nap nook I could ever dream up. I love the big windows, the fluffy chaise lounge chairs (I'm a sucker for a chaise and have been since I was little... who dreams of that kind of stuff at the age of 5?), and that it's a separate space. Can't you just imagine curling up here with a stack of magazines and a glass of wine?

Good God do I need wood floors in my life so bad. Con of rental apartments: crap rental apartment carpet EVERYWHERE!

This nook is so adorable, but not the most accessible since it's built in. I would've killed for a spot like this when I was a kid. 

all images via Pinterest



  1. i would love to have a reading nook in my future house...

    1. Oh me too! In my forever home I will certainly have one. But for now, the chaise end of my sectional sofa, the lunge chair on the balcony, and sometimes my bed serve as the reading nooks. Ah the joy of apartment living!


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