Monday, July 28, 2014

Get to know

If you follow bloggers on Instagram then I'm sure you have come across people tagging, talking about, and using This is pretty funny, but until I became part of the rewardStyle network I didn't quite grasp the concept or power of this amazing service. In a nut shell, is a way to shop your favorite Instagrams.

Gone are the days of seeing those killer "outfit of the day" posts and wondering where they got a certain item, or begging for product info in the comments section. has simplified and streamlined the process of getting all the information you need. Simply sign up for, like a photo on Instagram with a link, then receive ready to shop product links right in your inbox.

If you haven't signed up yet now is the perfect time to do so (you know to get a jump start on some amazing fall outfits!). So like away, and happy shopping!


  1. It really makes finding things so much easier! Also helps fuel the shopping :)

    1. LiketoKnow:It has really ruined my wallet :)


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