Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Loving Lately: Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered headboards are nothing new in the world of interior design, but I think the novelty behind them recently is the influx of DIY versions. Sure I have pinned tutorials on doing it, but the mechanics of actually taking on this project were always a little too much for me. I then decided I would hold out, save up and by the frame or headboard of my dreams. Enter reality. I have been looking for two years and the only one I am in love with is $2,000 from Restoration Hardware. I seriously entertained the idea for a while, but then as per usual I think of everything else I can do with 2k and am at peace with the concept of HELL NO!

I live in an apartment, albeit a nice one with lots of space, but it's not my forever home or even my starter home. I cringe at the idea of having huge furniture that fills my spacious apartment, only to move it in to my first house with small rooms that are dwarfed by immense pieces. It looks absurd, trust me. So now the idea of a DIY headboard with a price tag peaking at $150 is becoming very attractive to me. Even more attractive is that my boyfriend is now behind the idea too. He gets to work on a project and be a guy, and I get the exact headboard I want. Win win!

There are so many tutorials out there, and I haven't narrowed down the exact one we are going to use. So while I figure that part out, I pulled together some of the headboard inspiration that I really like. Obviously I want a neutral, probably nail head trim, and I haven't decided on tufting or not yet. If any of you have done a DIY headboard or have any pointers I would LOVE to hear them!


all images via Pinterest

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