Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly Wants: Home Organization

Weekly Wants: Home Organization

I have a confession: my apartment is a disaster. It's not messy, but there is no organization to it right now. I moved at the end of June and the slew of summer activities and weekend getaways got the best of me. My room and closet were downsized substantially and now I need to get creative to find a place for everything and keep it looking tidy.

1. I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many baskets or fabric bins. It keeps everything looking neat and uniform while hiding the clutter.

2. Did you know keeping you makeup brushes in a bag is a great way to keep bacteria on them? Yuck! I'm in the market for a non-bulky way to store my brushes, but keep them readily accessible in the process.

3. I like the idea of displaying my jewelry like a boutique or store would with acrylic stands. This way I can display my pieces in an organized way and keep things from getting tangled.

4. A blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron take up a lot of space in my tiny bathroom vanity. This caddie is not only heat proof for the hot items, but can slip onto a towel rod or over a cabinet door to create previously unusable space. Genius.

5. Blankets, throws, pillows, you name it they all need a place to go. This crushable fabric bin will fit perfectly in a closet, but it pretty enough to leave in plain site.

6. I was spoiled in my last apartment with an extra closet just for shoes and accessories. I had three hanging organizers full of shoes, but now I need all my hanging space for clothes and my shoes don't have a home. This floor shoe rack has three levels for shoes and is non slip so they'll stay put. 

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