Monday, August 26, 2013

End of Summer Wedding

End of Summer Wedding

I said I would never do it again, but I did... I'm using Rent the Runway again after a pretty horrible go at it back in October (the day before I needed the dress they called to let me know they no longer had it). They did their best to help last minute, but it was really thanks to my mom's handy Macgyver'ing that we were able to make a dress two sizes too big work. Needless to say, I swore off the service.

Fast forward ten months later and I'm in desperate need of a dress for a Labor Day weekend wedding. The thought of dress shopping right now is vomit-inducing and clicking through countless pages online to find something wasn't appealing either. So I did what I said I would never do and I am trusting/hoping/begging the universe that it goes well. I have a backup that I plan to wear to a September wedding and that is really the only reason I am trusting RTR again. 

I found this fun little number two weeks ago, and as soon as I realized the flowers at the top were just a necklace they styled with it, I was sold. I'm pairing it with a rented necklace for some fun contrast and nude Zara sandals. I have a lighter colored pashmina that I'll keep with me and top it all off with some simple studs. I'm surprisingly relaxed about this all coming together so keep your fingers crossed and send out those good vibes my way that we don't have another repeat of last year!


  1. Love is in the air, we're heading to a wedding this weekend, too! I've had hits & misses with RTR over the past few years, I hope your dress works well this weekend - I love the pink.
    Love those heels, I have a similar pair w/a wedge heel :)

    1. Gotta love wedding season! Fortunately/unfortunately mine is going strong until the end of November. Thanks for the well wishes, I'm really hoping it works out. Ooo I wish these were a wedge for the comfort factor, and they were pretty comfortable around my apartment but we all know I'll be throwing on flip flops as soon as I can. RTR is such a great concept, but I think unless you are 5'10 and a twig it can be hit or miss. Enjoy your wedding this weekend!


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