Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wardrobe Staples: Jewelry

Jewelry Basics

You may be noticing that I have a theme lately when it comes to my wardrobe: staple pieces. I am really into building my wardrobe around key pieces that are really versatile and timeless. With clothes, I've stepped up the quality of what I'm purchasing because it's right for me, but when it comes to accessorizing the budget-friendly possibilities are endless. 

I spent a few months gathering accessories to create my day and night time looks that I can really wear with anything and on any occasion. For day I like a nice watch, small studs, one small ring, perhaps a bracelet, and small necklace. At night if I am feeling more adventurous I tend to pair a bigger necklace with fancier studs, a fun bracelet, and a cocktail ring.

Jewelry is a really personal thing, and there isn't a wrong way to wear it. My philosophy is "keep it simple," but I do envy people who can pull off more elaborate looks. What are your go to pieces when it comes to jewelry?

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