Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fit Day

Eat // One of the best things about summer is the seasonal produce. There are a million ways to get your recommended veggie intake, but this tian recipe has to be one the easiest and tastiest. Mix up the veggies to your liking and make this dish all summer long.

Sip// No one likes feeling left out when it comes to drinking, but alcohol is literally dead calories and if you are adding mixers you may end up with a total calorie bomb. Try a "skinny" mojito for a big flavor punch with fewer calories (if it's a little too strong ease up on the rum and/or add some stevia).

Wear// I'm not a flaunter when it comes to workout gear, but some classes require more fitted clothing. Get there and leave in comfort and style with the Sharkbite Top from Athleta that you could literally live in.

Do// Tis the season of jorts and what better way to accessorize them with a toned pair of gams and tight butt? The Tone It Up ladies have created a great circuit to hit all the right spots that could do pretty much anywhere. Jessica Simpson's legs from Dukes of Hazard were not created in a day, but you can get there with a little work.  

What are your Eat/Sip/Wear/Do recs? Always love hearing what you're doing and eating!


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