Friday, June 6, 2014

Links & My Blogiversary

Hooray it's Friday! It is also my one year blog anniversary! The time has literally flown by. It's pretty amazing to see how far this little blog of mine has come in 12 short months. I looked back at some older posts and some made me cringe, some I still love, but what I've really taken from looking back is that just like my blog I have grown. Everything I have wanted out of starting a blog has happened. I finally have a creative outlet, made some really great blog friends, learned a heck of a lot, and found a little space that is all mine. 

So to my readers, new and old, from the bottom of my heart thank you for making this a real passion project for me. I have received nothing but kind words and encouragement, and it fuels me to create better content for you. So cheers to another year of blogging I can't wait to see what's in store!

Now, on to the links!

We all are on the move this summer so getting workouts in can be hard. Can't wait to try this body weight pyramid workout that you could do virtually anywhere!

Loving the idea of being able to grow my own veggies and herbs, but sadly apartments aren't well equipped for that. I am however going to try my hand at a container herb garden for our balcony.

Shout out to all the new bloggers, the empire builders, the moguls, and mavens out there.

Gracey gave some great advice on basic social media for bloggers. She is so young, but has killer style and really knows her stuff. I see big things for this young lady!

Whoever invented this is a genius!

Get in my belly, NOW!

Day drinking it not a friend of weight loss, but you can still have your drinks and keep on track with these wine spritzer recipes (no longer just for old ladies!).

And in case you needed a dose of cute: let me tell you 'bout my best friend!

Have an amazing weekend! xx

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  1. Thanks for including me ;)

    1. Anytime lady! Love what you are doing on S&P! xx

  2. Happy One Year -- I love it!
    Keep up the excellent work :) I love reading your blog and am so happy we've been able to get to know each other via blog-world and in real life! xo

    1. You're a doll! So glad to have made a local blog friend, and hoping we can do another wine date soon! xx


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