Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekend + Links

Hallelujah it's Friday! This is the first weekend in so many where there are virtually no plans! You don't even know how excited I am. I just need some sleep, pool, and grub in my life... oh and of course some links!

Hashtag haters this is for you!

A delicious boozy nod to the World Cup's host country.

Summer to me means barbecues, but not having a grill can be tough. I'm dying to try this slow cooker recipe to fake my way to bbq.

Many girls pine over their dream closets. I, however, pine over these.

Freshen up while you get your DIY on with one or all three of these!

One of my summer goals is working on my flexibility (the former cheerleader inside harshly judges current day Ali). Hoping these moves will help get me back on track!

Oh how I love this print. Seriously, take note people. It's a powerful message.

Have an amazing weekend! xx

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  1. I’m right there with you on the outdoor space. I can’t wait to have a yard to entertain in and I hope it includes a gorgeous fireplace!


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