Monday, July 15, 2013

Paleo Dessert You Will Want to Try

Happy Monday! After last week I really needed a weekend away with friends. It was great to relax, have some quality girl time, and not partake at all in social media. Unplugging and having fun was exactly what I needed to recharge.

I am sure many of you have heard about the Paleo Diet where you eat basically like a caveman. Even though I know people who swear by it, I have always been pretty skeptical about any diet that pushes animal fat and red meat. I am more of an "all things in moderation" diet believer simply because I don't do deprivation well. At our girls weekend two of the girls were on Paleo, so many of the foods served were Paleo-friendly.

One of the girls made a Paleo fruit tart which looked really pretty, but again my skepticism got the best of me and I assumed no sugar or butter could not yield good results... I was wrong! The tart was so good, so refreshing, and so light that I had to google it as soon as I got home so I could make it too. I think trying something and liking it really peaked my interest in this lifestyle. I don't know if I could or would want to fully commit to it, but it's definitely something to experiment with. Has anyone else tried Paleo? 


  1. Going to send this recipe to my brother!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. It was so so good! I want more of it right now!!!!

  3. This looks really good - My fiance is dabbling with Paleo so I'll try and make this for him this summer!
    Nothing like a girls-weekend! Glad you had fun :)

    1. Thanks Meredith I had a blast! It was so so good I even had some for breakfast the next day! Let me know how it goes if you end up trying it out!

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