Monday, July 22, 2013

Menu Planning

In an effort to get myself in the habit of eating better and eating in more often, I have decided to go back to weekly menu planning. Years ago I did this and I saved tons of money and calories. I don't feel great about eating out a ton especially when my boyfriend and I are really good cooks. So we kind of had our "come to Jesus" moment over the weekend where we committed to being healthier in general. No better way to start than by getting a delicious and healthy menu together for the week. What are your go to recipes for fairly easy, healthy, and delicious meals? I would love more ideas!

Menu Planning Week 1

You can find all the recipes at the links below!


  1. Yum! I've always said I should "meal-plan" but never have the energy on Sundays. This looks like a good week :)

    1. I've gotten really lazy about going to the store for the week so I decided to put some of those recipes I pin to good use! Hopefully they turn out well!


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