Friday, June 14, 2013

Fair Skin at the Beach? I Got You Covered.

Pale Girl Beach Neccessities

Despite popular belief, us pale girls do like the beach, we just have to like it in moderation. I am a total beach bum and I can be out there all day, but I have to be smart about it. I've rounded up some of my must haves for enjoying the beach all day without turning into a total lobster {umbrella not pictured because that is one giant DUH!}.

Clothing: Invest in a great tunic or cover up with decent skin coverage. Not only will this help limit your exposure during dangerous UV time, but you can easily wear it out around town over your swimsuit without having to change. Protect your money maker with a hat. I'm not cool enough to pull off one of those big floppy numbers, but I can sport a baseball cap and keep my face wrinkle-free by doing so. Rock your classic shades. For me the beach isn't the place to whip out my huge Burberry cat eye sunglasses, but my trusty Ray Ban Aviators are perfect for all beach activities. Finish off your look with a pair of classic flip flops and head on your merry way. 

Beach Bag: I don't care if your grandmother, third grade teacher, and/or librarian carry one the LL Bean Boat and Tote bags, it is the quintessential vessel for carrying anything and everything you need for sun and sand. These things are built to last and can be washed. Plus who doesn't love a monogram? In my bag I like to bring a few forms of reading material (Nook & some magazines), a refillable water bottle,  Turkish towel, and a clear pouch to store my phone and smaller items because sand + iPhone = No Bueno. 

Skin/Hair Care: I do not mess around when is comes to sunscreen. I'll spare you the graphic details, but I coat myself head to toe in SPF 30 or higher with water and sweat proof sport lotion... the spray CANNOT be trusted unless you like your legs looking like barbershop poles and then by all means spray away. On my face I use special facial SPF lotion and SPF mineral powder. Your lips have the thinnest layer of skin so it's important to swipe an SPF balm on your mouth because lip burns are no joke. Once I'm done with the beach I like to use an after sun lotion to cool off my skin and rehydrate it. Nights at the beach wouldn't be the same without beachy hair. I liberally spritz towel dried hair with surf spray for mermaidesque locks. Low maintenance hair is so hot right now. 

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