Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cleansing for Dummies

I love the idea of cleansing, emphasis on idea. The actual process of going through a cleanse really gives me anxiety for a few reasons namely I like food, hate being hungry, and feeling fatigued during the work week really doesn't sound appealing. It was a total happy accident when I stumbled upon the Team Taralynn Seven Day Cleanse. I know what you're thinking "Seven Days?!? Yea right!" Before you balk and think you or I could never complete this just hear me out. 

The reason so many of us don't do cleanses is because it can be several days of being hungry, uncomfortable, tired and irritable. Unlike most traditional cleanses, this program is designed by nutritionists so that participants should never be hungry or tired while they are cleansing. Already I like this. During the cleanse, your body will rid itself of toxins and waste allowing you to kick-start or re-energize a healthy lifestyle plan. The cleanse is divided into three phases. 

Phase One is two days consisting of: fresh fruit, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, non-fat organic yogurt, and lean protein. 

Phase Two consists of three days consuming only fruit (no dried, canned, or frozen if there is sugar added). Why so much fruit? Fruit require less energy to digest and introduces the body to water rich foods. These three days give your digestive system a rest.

Phase Three consists of two more days of Phase One. Now that your digestive system has been given a rest and has been cleaned out, these two days should be much easier and the food much more satiating. 

Any diet or cleanse for that matter requires discipline and willpower, but be honest have you come across one that sounds more doable? I know I haven't. There is even a really easy cheat sheet for food to consume on the cleanse making this almost foolproof. 

I'm really looking forward to starting this cleanse... weird I know. This is just the thing I need to kickoff the healthy lifestyle that I so desperately want to lead, and there's no time like the present right? What do you think about cleansing, and would this be something doable for your lifestyle?

All pictures and dietary information from Team Taralynn

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