Tuesday, August 5, 2014

National Relaxation Day

Relax. We're all familiar with the term, but most of us have a hard time actually doing just that. Whether it's the rat race, our families, or busy social lives, the idea of slowing down and taking time for ourselves is almost foreign. Relaxing is so important to our health, well being, and attitudes.

I have a hard time with relaxing for many reasons, mostly the glorified idea that being busy is a positive. Then something almost serendipitous happened; I was asked to participate in spreading the word about National Relaxation Day and my boyfriend insisted on a last minute extra long weekend of total relaxation. Sadly, we both know that in order for us to take that much time to relax we have to get out of town.

Our weekend was spent in true Tommy Bahama fashion by fully embracing the resort lifestyle. We lounged and napped poolside, enjoyed cocktails, spent time at the spa, dined al fresco, sipped wine by a fire, and even spent a night in our hotel room in bath robes. It was blissful and surprisingly easy to be fully present in the moment once our usual distractions were gone. I came back after five days feeling rejuvenated, well rested, and ready to tackle another week.

Relaxation doesn't have to mean a vacation, a trip to the spa, or spending money at all. It can be as simple as carving out some time for yourself to de-stress and do the things that you enjoy. That could be as easy as sitting on your balcony or porch with a glass of wine, taking a bath with your favorite candle lit, or even reading a book before bed. Anything that makes YOU feel good and less stressed is all you need. Tommy Bahama wants you to feel as relaxed as I did over the weekend with their Summer of Go Sweepstakes. Each week until August 18th, Tommy Bahama will be giving away a fabulous travel packages each week with the Grand Prize Winner receiving a Hawaiian vacation for four (this prize includes a ton of other goodies valuing the prize at over $7,000!). Make sure you enter to win, and check out your local Tommy Bahama for in-store events and giveaways. And lastly, make Relaxation Day part of your weekly routine!

Many thanks to Tommy Bahama for sponsoring today's post and encouraging me to "make life one long weekend!" 

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