Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dream House

Once in a blue moon I'll come across a design project that really just knocks my socks off. Typically I will like one component of a home but not another. Loving each part that I see is a rarity for me (I'm picky and difficult just so you know). I recently started following Rach Parcell on Instagram (yes yes very very late to the game), and as I scrolled through many pretty pictures I kept stopping on the ones of her newly built and decorated home.

First, the house is grand. It has huge ceiling, tons of light, and gorgeous natural elements throughout like exposed wood beams and Calcutta gold marble. Second, the attention to detail is spectacular. I love the serene palette of whites and grays, neutrals never looked so good! The kitchen is to die for, I could literally do several posts on just that. The real stunner though, at least for me, is her closet/office space.

This is no ordinary closet. This is the stuff of dreams. Yes it is enormous and so beautifully designed, but oh my gawd Becky that leopard carpet is B-A-N-A-N-A-S! You say you like gold, white lacquer, and animal print? It's all there ladies. I too would hang out in my closet if it came close to this one. Also that puppy is gorgeous and makes me that much more jealous.

I'm assuming there is so much more fabulousness left to this home, but my stalking abilities/time I want to spend stalking only go so far. I do suggest you check out Rach's blog Pink Peonies and Instagram, and also the Alice Lane Home as they did the install. Hopefully if Rach ever saw this post she would think it was nice to have such home/style admiration and not utterly creepy. Fingers crossed!

The light in this home is unreal and the entire wall of windows is spectacular. Don't get me started on the chaise...

 Holy kitchen! Where do I even begin? Maybe the brass fixtures, marble, open shelving, island, or range. I can't. It's too much pressure!

Glorious table and chairs as if they weren't going to be on point, puhlease. The light fixtures are no joke either. Each is gorgeous and different. Also I'm really digging that beam in the bedroom. 

The powder room makes my master bathroom look like a gas station restroom. If I never have anything else in my home but a soaking tub I can die a happy woman.

I'm doing my best not to write too much but come on this the most ridiculously amazing closet I've ever seen. I'm smitten with everything in it, including that lab. Note to future husband: if you can deal with leopard carpet in the home, you may have anything you want..ANYTHING!

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