Monday, August 11, 2014

Light Reading

It's been a while since I've done a post about blogs I am loving lately. The wonderful thing about blogs is that there are so many out there you could literally read new ones each day. I do have a list of standards that I ALWAYS visit, but then I come across new ones that really catch my attention and resonate with me. So today I would like to share with you four very different blogs that I am currently loving.

Elements of Style by Erin Gates. I have blogged about Erin and her blog before, but I wanted to tell you why I love this gal so much. When you read Elements of Style, it reads almost like an email from your best friend (your best friend with impeccable taste, a fabulous eye for style, and cracks you up all at the same time). She is very open and honest about her personal struggles as a woman, blogger, interior designer, and just as a person. This chick is real, and that is so hard to find in the blogging world. Yes she has gorgeous pictures of her home, her outfits, and her projects, but then she'll tell you about her insecurities and how harsh she is on herself. We can ALL relate to that. This gem of a blog gives you everything you want and then some. If you love great style, design, and to laugh with your best gal pal, Erin is right up your alley!

Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers by Natalie Mason. Ok so at first I'll be honest I lumped this into the mommy blog/nothing I could ever relate to blog categories. I was so wrong. First, Natalie has some amazing recipes. I have made several and they are always hits (her Korean Beef Bowl and stuffed meatballs are on regular rotation in my home). Second, her children are adorable. I like kids and it's just enough kid stuff without being too much if that makes sense. Also, homegirl always alerts me to great sales. I like seeing a glimpse into the life of a successful blogger that juggles her blog, social, and family life in an attainable manner.

The Peak of Tres Chic by Sam Penner. I really like Sam's blog for a few reasons. First, Sam didn't initially start out her professional life as an interior designer, but gave in to her passion and left her career to start one she loved. Her blog started out like many other do, a creative outlet and passion project and you can really see the evolution of it in her posts. Sam also blogs about fashion, beauty, travel, entertaining, and organization (gotta a love a lady who loves organization in a non-sterile way). I enjoy her attainable aesthetic, which is kind of hard to come by in the blog world.

It's the Little Things by Taylor O'Shaughnessy (sorry don't know her newly married last name). This girl cracks me up. She is so funny, I find myself laughing uncontrollably when I read her posts. My absolute favorite is her Thursday "Coffee Talk" post where she comments on everything from reality tv, current events, etc. Seriously I get an ab workout for this lady. Again, she seems to be 100% herself, and like someone you are dying to hangout with. She posts about everything and it's so refreshing from many other fashion and lifestyle blogs. Definitely top 5 blog crushes.

Now it's your turn. What are some of your favorite blogs at the moment? I am always looking for new ones to check out.

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  1. Thanks so much for the post Ali :) so, so sweet of you!!!!! made my day!!!!

  2. We have very similar reading lists!! :)

    Taylor, I love your blog so freaking much! You make me laugh out loud all the time and are a daily must read :)

    I also love a Cup of Jo and Capitol Hill Style (she has great posts with work attire ideas, beauty, interview tips, and good life tips in general. Been reading her for a long time!)


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