Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Update

I hate to be one of those people, but I had the most amazing weekend ever! It was our two year anniversary and headed down to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for a long weekend. I haven't been since I was a kid, but now I cannot imagine a more perfect place for beach trips. We had the most wonderful guest house rental (thank you Air BnB, totally out of our comfort zone but it was amazing), gorgeous days on the drive on beach, fabulous food, and the best company.

Taking the new Jeep out for a spin on the drive on beach. Seriously there is nothing better than this.

Enjoying the first summer shandy of the season while driving around looking at beach houses.

There are tons of these gorgeous wild horses that live in the dunes on Corolla/Corova Beach. The scenery was stunning!

We had our anniversary dinner at this great spot called the Blue Point. They were so wonderful when they found out the occasion they brought us champagne and escorted us outside to take in the sunset. Fabulous service and excellent food, I really cannot say enough good things about this place.

Seriously, this place is magnificent. Note I did not use a filter, this is just a basic iPhone shot. The sunset over the sound was breathtaking. I cannot remember enjoying a location this much.

And there you have it. This trip was so memorable and special that I'm already trying to find a time to get back there and do it all over again. If you get the chance, take a trip to the Outer Banks and enjoy the beach the way it was meant to be enjoyed!


  1. Happy Anniversary! We celebrated 2 years down at Palmetto Bluff this year! The Outer Banks are gorgeous!!!

    Xo, L

    1. Thanks Laura! Wow Palmetto Bluff looks gorgeous and has been on my places to visit list for a few months now. Things are just better in the Carolinas! Have a great week!

  2. Wow, your weekend looked AMAZING!!! Such a great spot for celebrating your anniversary, congrats! I love OBX and have been to the Blue Point before, it's wonderful!

    1. Thank you! I want to move to OBX and hang out on the lawn at Blue Point every night. Just need to win the lotto!


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