Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gift Guide Vol. 1

cookbook // watch // perfume // wrap
skincare set // blowout cards // chocolate
votives // fitbit // bookends

I figured I would try my hand at the blogger-loved gift guide. I always find the best gifts are things you wouldn't necessarily by for yourself, but would still love to have. I also stay away from cosmetics or jewelry unless I really know that person's likes and style (a classic watch though is for sure the exception). 

I'd love to know your gift ideas or go tos when it comes to gift giving. I'm always looking for new suggestions!


  1. I have that cookbook on my wishlist too! So many good recipes to try. My mom would love to add that to her collection.

    1. I have this cookbook and it is so so good! Great for anyone that appreciates Southern cooking and entertaining!


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