Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On My Radar

Sea Glass

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I really have warm, sunny, beach scenes on my mind lately as you can tell from my sea glass themed picks. I'm in the market for another chambray shirt because it really is my go to top for warmer temperatures. My wallet needs a major upgrade, but I have been holding out for a color that I really love. I am crushing so hard on Calypso St. Barth, and this is the absolute dreamiest color scarf I have come across. Long necklaces need to become part of my spring wardrobe, and the one pictured would be great with a casual tee or with a maxi dress. I don't know if it's the fluxuating temperatures or what, but my pores/skin are a nightmare! Help me GlamGlow! I love me some cheap flip flops you know those two for $5 ones, right? While those are great for the beach or pool, I think it's time to upgrade to a more polished version of my favorite warm weather shoe.

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