Wednesday, October 2, 2013

You Need: Blouses

SIlk Blouse

Silk Blouse available here

If you're anything like me, you sometimes struggle with what to wear. I know that at 27 I probably shouldn't wear a sweatshirt and jeans for casual day to day, and I'm also aware that sometimes you need try a little harder than a cardigan and a cami. Even though I'm more fashion conscious these days, I still like to keep my comfort level high without being frumpy. Unlike many things in life, there is actually a cure-all to fill the comfortable, yet casual but can be dressed up needs of the modern lady. May I present to you the silk blouse. The one pictured is a gorgeous Equipment nude blouse that I could pair with a million things.

I say silk because it's a classic fabric that works well for pretty much everyone, but any type of flowy materialed blouse counts too (if it is synthetic just make sure it doesn't look cheap and you're good to go!). A soft, but structured shirt will take you from day to night, jeans to a skirt, and everywhere in between. These shirts look good by themselves, or accessorized with you favorite baubles. The possibilities with a good blouse are endless.

If silk or the style you like is out of your budget, try these awesome alternatives I stumbled upon at Express (I haven't been in there in years but these shirts fit like a dream, came in a dozen colors, and are wallet friendly at $50 a pop).  

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