Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cheese Plate 101

I don't claim to know much. I'm still trying to figure out my strengths at 27 (I get to say that for one more week). But if there is one thing I do know, it's cheese. I have always loved cheese. Not string cheese, kraft singles, and shredded stuff in a bag. I'm talking delicious, artisinal cheese. Growing up my family even referred to our house staple cheese (Port Salut) as "Ali Cheese," and now my boyfriend even calls it that.

One invaluable skill every gal should know is how to curate the perfect cheese plate. It's great for easy entertaining, the perfect accompaniment to a wine night in, and is hands down the best no cook meal out there. Here is my formula for the quintessential cheese platter to please any palate:

soft cheese + hard cheese + aged cheese + blue =  cheese plate perfection

{personal favorites: triple cream brie, manchego, sharp white cheddar, cashel blue }

Now, once you have the cheeses down you can get creative with accoutrements. I like to throw in some charcuterie (prosciutto, spicy sopresata, or coppa), something sweet like a jam or decadent truffled honey, a crunchy element like marcona almonds, and something briney like olives (non pitted). Pair this with some good crusty bread and thin crisp crackers and you're on your way to elegant eats. 

image via honestly yum

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