Friday, April 25, 2014


Oh em gee I cannot believe I made it to the weekend! This has been a week of chores and getting things done which has made it seem like the longest week ever. So to lighten the mood and get happy for the weekend here's some fun stuff from around the interwebs.

Elle Decor's roundup of 10 Things You Must Have in Your Home By Age 30 got me thinking about investment pieces for the home. Sort of a game changer.

As a product loyalist, I rarely try new things without strong recommendations. This list of 35+ eye products recommended by beauty bloggers is a solid collection of things to try.

Emily crushed it with this outfit. I adore every inch of it.

Warm weather means fun nail hues, but with my sucky nails keeping a mani is next to impossible. I'm really intrigued in this at home gel manicure hack. The possibility of fresh nails all summer is worth a try.

I love Pinterest, but recently I have been gravitating towards Tumblr for inspiration. I think the free scrolling and endless supply of pictures really speaks to me. Oh and I just made over my page.

Loving this quote about the difference between elegance and snobbery. I think it's an underrated timeless trait that is often misunderstood.

The most gorgeous color, and the ingredients are all favorites. New summer cocktail? I'll drink to that!

Two things I cannot resist: chicken and waffles and biscuits. Clearly, my mind is blown over chicken and biscuit waffles. Drooling.

Have an amazing weekend! xx

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