Friday, April 18, 2014


Holy amazing thank you sweet baby Jesus it's Friday! Here's what I think you should know about.

Ashley shared this article yesterday, and I am so thankful she did. As someone in their late twenties, I have started thinking about investing in skincare. Luckily we can all get those same luxe results for just a few dollars!

With a trip on the horizon, I've picked up a slight habit of searching out pictures, places, and sites to see. I recently came across this blog, and even if I wasn't heading to Paris I know I'd still love it.

I am almost went on a rampage last night when people were live tweeting the Scandal finale. I shall push my rage aside for a moment, and instead share with you this Scandal Monologue Mad-Lib.

I would love for this to be mine. To me, it is perfection.

Summer weddings = new shoes. I have some really nice Zara neutrals, but they are sky high. Perhaps a slightly lower heel like these pretties could get in on the rotation. My poor feet will thank me.

Does anyone else love corn season as much as I do? Bueller...? Anyways, this Mexican grilled corn is going to be a weekly occurrence once I get my hands on some local corn.

Ever feel like you need an attitude/outlook makeover? I definitely do at time. Julia's Feel Vibrant in 30 Days challenge and 100 Happy Days are two things I am going to participate in to get the ball rolling.

Preach, that is all.

It's Sangria season loves! This infographic on the anatomy of sangria will have you mixing like a Spaniard in no time! Cheers!

Have a fabulous weekend and a very Happy Easter! xx

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  1. Thanks for the link love friend! I can’t wait for corn season. Mexican corn is the BEST!

  2. Ok, I LOVE that 30 Day Challenge! Printing it out with a few personal tweaks and putting it to use! :) Thank you for sharing, Hoppy Easter ;)

    1. Me too! Such a refreshing idea. Keep me posted on your progress with it! I'd love to have a friend doing it too! Have a great weekend/Easter lady!


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