Monday, April 7, 2014

Motivation Monday

I don't really know if there is such a thing as a happy Monday, but we can always hope for a good start to the week! I'd like to try Motivation Monday to do my part in starting off the week on a positive note.

I found this gem on Pinterest and loved it. As a blogger, it's hard not to compare yourself to other bloggers. Some make everything look so perfect, and it's hard not to get down on yourself or go on an insane mission for perfection. The truth is, even the "perfect" people are judged, have haters, and have their totally insecure moments. So instead of trying to be like them or trying to live how I think others want me to, I'm going to start living the way I want to. 

Why bother with something I cannot control, and besides "haters gonna hate," isn't that how the song goes? Do you have any quotes that really get you going? I'd love to hear them!

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