Wednesday, February 5, 2014

On My Radar 2/5/14

tunic // cuff // lip scrub // body cream // necklace // flats // tote // polish

Happy Hump Day! What a stressful week! I am moving on Sunday and have a work trip before then, so I am sort of losing my mind as I try to pack up my things. I am trying to focus on all the positives that come with this move (moving in with my boyfriend, bigger place, no more roommates etc.) so while I am stressed, I am thrilled!

All this gross back and forth weather has me wishing for spring. There is no way I can't buy that lightweight merino tunic. It would look awesome with white jeans and that gorgeous leather tote (thanks Ashley for introducing us to this brand). These oversized bow flats are so sweet, I just know I would wear them to death. What's not to love about Essie's latest resort collection colors? The answer is nothing. 

Have y'all heard about BB Body Cream? Apparently it's just like the product for your face but makes your legs look ahhh-mazing! I hear it can be hard to come by and has been flying off the shelves. Speaking of things that need a little TLC, my lips are in crappy shape and I sure wouldn't mind prettying them up with this grapefruit lip exfoliator. 

I am searching high and low for a great longer necklace and I think this little Valerie Nahmani beauty might just be the one. The monogram tortoise cuff needs zero explanation because it's tortoise...and monogrammed. End of story.


  1. I'd like one of everything you posted, please! I was able to try out that BB Body Cream at my friend's house and it's really amazing... like... almost too good to be true! Apparently it's sold out everywhere! I'm also dying to try on one of those J Crew tunics, they're so pretty
    AND last but not least, you're going to looove living w/you bf :) good luck with the move!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes! Good to know about the BB cream. I was thinking a lot of it had to be hype, but if you think it's that good it's worth a try! Ohhhh those lovely tunics, I die. One in every color please!


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