Friday, February 7, 2014


Moving weekend is upon us (cue the AHHHHs, the blood/sweat/tears,and the overwhelming joy and challenge of cohabitation)! I am off to NYC for work and get home just in time to sleep before we schlep our crap from our respective apartments to our new home. So please pardon the brevity of this edition of The Weekender, because next time we meet it will be from my brand new digs!

Emily posted this link to a very poignant, hilarious, and true cartoon about people who create content and the process of creating. While I may not blog full time, pretty much all bloggers can relate to the proverbial shit-storm we can go through trying to produce great stuff for the internet.

I need to get off my butt, and I LOVE barre but going as often as I need to for results is more dough than I am prepared to part with for the time being. I am thinking of purchasing this to help me keep up with workouts at home... zero excuses, am I right?

Did you know "zoodles" are a thing? Yea, me neither. I am a carb feind and I know that the key to losing some el-bees is getting that addiction under control. I think calling zucchini strings a good swap for noodles is going a little bit too far, but I do think I could get behind some delish shrimp scampi atop of zucchini

Keep this in mind always, and practice it regularly.

I figured something out about myself this week: I love a good pom pom. With that knowledge you can see why I am swooning over these curtains. Sheer, stripes, pom poms... what more could a girl want?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I'm addicted to pure barre! My friends and I were just talking about the dvd's and wondering if they were good or not. If you get it let me know!

    1. Will do! They have mixed reviews on Amazon, but who that's pretty typical with workout DVDs. Have so much fun in Seaside!


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