Monday, February 17, 2014

Called In Sick

Yes, I called in sick. Pretty much ALL last week. I got the nastiest cold that sent me to reside on the couch since last Tuesday night. Being sick combined with moving the weekend before that, plus a snowstorm really sent me over the edge. I couldn't focus or concentrate so I decided to just lay low. Here are some things that kept me mildly sane during my time as a shut-in.

House of Cards season 2. Wow... Just wow! It came and went so fast that I think I need to re-watch it. If you have never seen the Netflix series I cannot recommend it enough!

I am really feeling all these comfy/slouchy tees and lightweight sweaters that are out there lately. This one from Vince is a little pricey, but looks like it would go with absolutely everything.

Have you heard of Reece & Blaire yet? I found them via Instagram and became obsessed with their Kerr necklace. I didn't win their giveaway (I never win those sadly) but had to make that necklace mine!

This pin is so much more than a collage, it really is a blue print for a classic wardrobe. And it doesn't hurt that it is inspired by French women's wardrobes either (always elegant and timeless).

I love a good top knot, like really really love one. I really admire women than pull them off and look so cute while doing so. I don't really think I pull it off, but this tutorial on the perfect no fuss top knot makes it look simple enough.

Have a great week! xx

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