Monday, February 2, 2015

Thoughts on Monday

Happy Monday! Sorry for my annoying enthusiasm on the saddest day of the week, but it's basically my Thursday as I am off to Breckenridge on Wednesday for an extended weekend skiing trip. Also, I went crazy cleaning the apartment/doing laundry for two days and honestly having things neat and tidy does wonder for my mood and clarity. That was even obnoxious to type, but it's true. I STRUGGLE with keeping things in order, mostly my clothes so I am trying to adopt better habits other than throwing crap on the floor. Honestly, it's scary how at times my room can remind me of my room in the sorority house #NeverForget.

I've got some exciting things happening on the blog this week and next! Stay tuned for a big group giveaway tomorrow, a little giveaway I am hosting for my current favorite piece of jewelry next week, and if you care to venture on over to my Instagram there's a fantastic Kate Spade loop giveaway! Sidenote on the loops, it's a crazy-ass process and I had been curious about them for a while but I won't be spamming you all with them constantly. Just wanted to try one out for fun.

Well I am done rambling for the moment. Have a great Monday and an even better week!

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