Thursday, September 12, 2013

DIY Daydreaming

DIY Daydreaming


I'm getting the crafty/artistic itch that I get a few times a year, and I 100% blame Pinterest. Like many women, I've always been pretty crafty and try a few projects every year. Lately though, I haven't done anything artsy and I'm starting to have withdrawal. Now I live in an apartment so there are many projects I would love to tackle but just don't have the space or resources to do so. I compiled a few projects from my Pinterest boards of projects that were doable no matter the size of your living space or access to materials. 

1. Kate Spade-esque Gold Confetti Plates: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern from Kate Spade. It's my all time favorite for serving wear, vases, you name it I love it. All you need are some cheap-o plates, vases, glasses, anything really, painter's tape, and gold paint (gold sharpie and spray paint will work too). I'm going to make some mugs, vases, champagne flutes, and maybe a serving tray with this method.

2. Mason Jar To Go Cup: Yea yea yea we're all mason jar'ed out, but they really are so flipping versatile in the kitchen. I bought a case from Target for $10 and I use them for food storage, leftover storage, for my morning smoothie, and yes as cups at times. I have so many now that I would love to get some more uses out of them and I am in desperate need of to go cups (they always seem to go missing). 

3. Framed Gilded Agate Slices: Woo-Hoo I actually have all the elements I need for this project ready to go. I bought some gorgeous slices on Amazon, shadowbox frames from Ikea, and now I just have to paint the edges and assemble them.

4. Gold Studded Tray: Unless you've been living under a rock the world of home decor is currently obsessed with trays. I can't say I blame them either because trays instantly make spaces feel pulled together and more organized (what's not to love?). Acrylic trays can be purchased inexpensively at The Container Store and the gold pyramid studs are super inexpensive at your local craft store. For less than $10 you can bring new life and chic organization to your favorite surface.

All images and projects found on Pinterest, and linked to their respective owners

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