Friday, March 6, 2015


Happy Friday! This week actually went by fairly quickly, but then again a shorter week due to a snow will do that for ya. We had another 4 inches yesterday and now I am officially over snow and cold. I'm not a huge fan of spring in DC it's usually cold and rainy, but anything is better than this. As of late, I have no been making weekend plans and it has been really nice. We always end up doing things, but not on a schedule and let me tell you it's so refreshing. So I'll get to why you are really here and give you some of my faves from around the inter webs.

A look into Southern party and entertaining spaces here, including the fantastic cocktail tower Erin wrote about.

Channeled my classic prep side and ordered this great transitional sweater and these perfect flats.

If you frequent the cocktail menu, chances are you are seeing a drink labeled a "smash." Well I did some research and they sound delicious, especially this blackberry varietal. Enjoy!

From the logo perfection to its gorgeous packaging, cleverly names "Psycho Candy" is the perfect punchy coral hue. This is one not-so-budget friendly polish that I would actually break the bank for.

A sweet little reminder for when we get caught up in life's bullshit and negativity.

Two of my favorites: jerk spice and tacos come together in this recipe I MUST make.

It's never too early to start getting those arms into tank top ready condition.

In case you missed it, make sure you enter the JoyKatharine Knot Ring Giveaway here!

Have a great weekend! xx

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