Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Interior Lust: Lauren Conrad's Penthouse

I'm breaking away from style again today and going back to interiors and design. I intended to keep posting about interior design on a regular basis, and just didn't keep up with it... best laid plans am I right? So as I dive back into posting about pretty spaces, I had to share one of my style crushes home.

Lauren Conrad's Beverly Hills penthouse was featured on InStyle and did not disappoint! Her home was a very surprising departure from what you would expect from LC. Lauren gives off a very classic, feminine vibe and you would think her home would reflect that too. While you can definitely see her in the design, there was awesome unexpected juxtaposition of masculine and feminine elements with bright pops of color. For every bit of tufting, nail head trim, and brass, there was a very clean line or something in a glossy black that made it feel more modern. I'm going to shut up now and let the pictures speak for themselves.


  1. I saw this earlier today!! LOVE it and I am sooo envious. If you love interior design you should check out my blog!! I'm really passionate about it.

    x, Wendy.
    College Cheese | A College Lifestyle Blog by: Wendy Watson

  2. This penthouse looks so beautiful!! I love its interior and furniture designs. Hey, Have you ever heard about best penthouse nyc for parties. Well, my friend told me that it is one of the best penthouses in the city so I would like to throw a party there.


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