Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year, New Gig

Hello friends! I am back from my holiday hiatus, and I really really needed it! I can finally share the news I alluded to back in early December: I got a new job! I start today and I am all sorts of excited, nervous, scared, anxious, happy, etc. Not only is it a great step up for my career, but I am going into a new industry that is very important, timely, and literally booming these days. I will tell you more about it later, but it's one of the reasons I walked away from the blog for two weeks. Just to getaway, relax, take everything in, and hopefully be refreshed and ready to tackle the new challenge.

I feel like this is happening at such a great time with the start of the new year. New job, new outlooks, and hopefully new habits. I'm horrible at sticking to resolutions, probably because I make giant lists of things I want to do, try, tackle, change, but ultimately it's just too much. I can tell you that getting healthy is number one. My new job is literally less than a mile from my building so when the weather permits, I am going to walk to work. Also now that I am getting at least an hour back each day due to zero commute, I have vowed to make that hour productive. Hopefully I will use it for exercise, but if it gets used to do some tasks or read a book I consider that success too. 

I would also like to recommit myself to the blog, and find out just what that means to me. I want to have a schedule I stick to so you know what to expect from me on each particular day. I want to bring you great content, and I know for me that means stepping back or not posting every day to keep the quality up. This is still in the works, but I'll get back to you.

So rather than spew out tons of things I resolve to do, I want to take some time to think about it and ultimately set myself up for success. I welcome you sharing your resolutions and goals for the new year as I often get great ideas from my readers and other bloggers. Also if you have tips for staying on track with goals please please please throw them my way! Have a great Monday!

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  1. Congrats on the new job lady!! I know you’re rock it!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Really appreciated the kind words!!! xoxo

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